Legendary Nick Szabo Opposes SegWit2X

11/08/2017 - 17:28 UTC
Legendary Nick Szabo Opposes SegWit2X

Computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer, Nick Szabo, known for his pioneering research in blockchain, digital contracts and digital currency, has declared his opposition to SegWit2X hard fork, scheduled for November 16.

Szabo has added a ‘No2X’ in his Twitter account name, a mark that is used by those opposing the Segwit2X (S2X) hard fork.

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Nick Szabo is one of the original Bitcoin proponents, and Bitcoin Core fans see his move as a blow to S2X project credibility.

Lack of Replay Protection

Szabo is not the only prominent Bitcoin figure opposing S2X, a controversial hard fork with uncertain outcome. Recently he quoted a post by Alex Morcos of Chaincode Labs, who wrote about the replay protection in SegWit2x – or better the complete lack of it.

There is no downside to implementing optional 2-way replay protection. There is no argument against it,” was the excerpt from Morcos’ blog post that Szabo highlighted.

Another prominent person in Bitcoin community is Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, who has repeatedly rejected in public the upcoming hard fork of Bitcoin. Lee relentlessly attacks Segwit2X developers as well as past bitcoin developers as "trying to steal the bitcoin brand".

Meanwhile, the SegWit2x Futures in CoinMarketCap are declining. The price lost more than 9% in last 24-hours, whereas it had reached as high as 1,610 dollars in recent weeks.


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