Survey: 77% Of American Investors Believe Bitcoin Will Increase Higher in 2018

12/18/2017 - 22:52 UTC
Survey: 77% Of American Investors Believe Bitcoin Will Increase Higher

A survey conducted by LendEDU in November 2017 shows evidence that most Americans believe Bitcoin will rise even higher next year, while less than half of them agree on more crypto-related regulations.

According to the survey, which polled 565 American investors, the majority of them are highly optimistic their investment will perform even better next year. How that will happen remains to be seen though given that 2017 saw the bitcoin rising by an astonishing 1800% and most observers are warning about a 'bitcoin bubble'.

bitcoin survey 2018

Furthermore, most survey respondents do not favor the implementation of additional digital currency regulations next year.

When asked whether they plan to invest more in Bitcoin, 75% of the respondents claimed that they plan to increase the size of their Bitcoin investments in 2018, with fewer than 10% stating that they have no intention to do so.

Asked about whether they plan to sell some bitcoins next year,  around 31.5% said that they will sell some next year, with 40% claiming that they would not and 28.5% stating that they are not yet sure on what to do with their BTC.

Around 51% of the pollsters said that they are planning to make at least one physical purchase using their bitcoins, whereas 30% are still unsure if they will use it in their purchases or not.

When asked if they favor more regulations on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, roughly 50% of participants claimed that they are not in favor of new legislature, while slightly more than 30% expressed their willingness to embrace more regulations.

Read the whole survey.

What do you think? Will Bitcoin rise to new ATH in 2018? Are you going to hodl more or are you thinking to cash in?


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