NVIDIA Titan V Is The Best GPU for Ethereum Mining, If You Afford It (VIDEO)

12/21/2017 - 12:26 UTC
NVIDIA Titan V Is The Best GPU for Ethereum Mining, If You Afford It (VIDEO)

NVIDIA Titan V, featuring the brand new Volta-based GV100 GPU, is the most powerful graphics card ever created, targeting professional and scientific audiences, which partly explains its hefty $3,000 price tag. But for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the central question is how does this new GPU perform in crypto mining. Let's see.

NVIDIA began shipping TITAN V a couple of weeks ago, and there are already some reviews which show this GPU has at least an impressive performance in cryptocurrency mining.   

Before we dive into the mining benchmarks, let's see some data about the card and the Volta GPU.

NVIDIA TITAN V is a dual-slot card, with 12GB HBM2 RAM, clocked at 850MHz. The total memory bandwidth reaches 652.8 GB/s. 

The card is powered by a Volta-based GV100 GPU. Volta is Nvidia’s seventh-generation GPU architecture and it marks a giant step forward from the current-gen Pascal architecture. GV100 is a massive 12nm die with 21.1B transistors, clocked at 1,200MHz and a boost clock of 1,455MHz. Note the number of transistors: that's almost double the number of transistors on the 16nm GP102. 

GV100 includes 5,120 single-precision CUDA cores, 2,560 double-precision FP64 cores, and 640 Tensor cores. All this translates to 110 teraflops (TFLOPs) of pure computing power. 

Finally, the Thermal Design Power (TDP) of this beast card is 250W, and it is recommended to be powered by a 600W PSU. 

Now, let's go to the actual mining performance. According to BitsBeTrippin, Titan V achieved 70 MH/s on Ethereum mining when used with factory settings, without any overclocking, pulling 213W.

When overclocked, Titan V surged at 77 MH/s. And what's more interesting is that it was drawing only 237W of power. That's an impressive performance, as the primary interest in GPU mining is not the hashrate but the actual power/hashrate ratio of each GPU. Why? Because, it is more profitable to have a GPU mining Ethereum at 29 MH/s while drawing 100W (i.e. an RX480), rather than having another achieving, say, 50 MH/s while pulling 400W. The minimization of power/hashrate ratio is what enables miners to maximize profits and this is what they are after. The only case when this is not a concern is when miners have access to very cheap or even free power. Or, perhaps, when mining a coin is so profitable that they are confident they will break even in short or medium-term.

TITAN V excelled when mining other cryptocurrencies as well:

  • Zcash: 750 SOL / 221W (OC: 877 SOL / 244W)
  • Monero: 1,224 H/s / 157W (OC: 1,417 Hs, 165W)
  • LBRY Credit: 685 MH/s / 241W
  • Vertcoin: 88.7 MH/s / 246W (OC: 100.3 MH/s / 259W)

In another Ethereum mining test, conducted by HotHardware, NVIDIA Titan V proved that the new Volta-based GPUs would wet the dreams of miners.  At stock settings, the GPU happily mined ETH at 69 MH/s  in Claymore 10.2 miner. But it did a way more impressive 82 MH/s when they slightly overclocked it. That's nearly double (84%) the mining output of RX Vega 64 and Titan XP.  An overclocked RX Vega 64 does 44 MH/s, but with a much higher power draw.  

Titan V mining performance
Titan V mining performance (Image Source: Hothardware)

NVIDIA Titan V proved that the new Volta-based GPUs would wet the dreams of miners.

In an Ethereum mining review by MultiTechnoPark, TITAN V achieved similar performance. It had an output of 78 MH/s while drawing 240W.

It is crystal clear that TITAN V kicks some serious ass in Ethereum mining as well as mining other popular GPU coins, such as ZCash and Monero. But that does not mean miners will rush to purchase it by the thousands, as it is super expensive and the ROI is not clear. Nevertheless, the TITAN V' spectacular mining hashrate gives a glimpse of what we might expect when Volta GPUs are offered to lower-grade consumer products in the future. After all, although the high price, TITAN V is officially a consumer-grade model, thus we can expect powerful but cheaper models soon. And that would be more than welcomed by miners.

See a video of TITAN V in mining action:

Another one, Titan V performs better than any other GPU in offer right now:


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