DragonMint B52 Blake2b Miner - SiaCoin ASIC Battle Heating Up!A Third SiaCoin ASIC Just Announced

01/23/2018 - 12:19 UTC
 SiaCoin SIA DragonMint B52 Blake2b ASIC Miner

The landscape around the SiaCoin (SC) ASIC miner market seems to be heating up rapidly as soon after the new BitMain Antminer A3 Blake (2b) ASIC miner was announced there is a recent new announcement coming from another new ASIC manufacturer for a Blake2b ASIC Miner.

The DragonMint B52 Blake2b ASIC miner was just announced by Halong Mining, a newcomer to the ASIC market that looks promising, but we are yet to see it start delivering any mining hardware.

The device they have announced is supposedly capable of 3.5 THS Blake2b mining hashrate at 1000W -/+8% with 135 ASIC chips, making it probably the most efficient ASIC for SiaCoin (SC) if they manage to deliver after all.

There are not many details on the official website, including price or release date for the device and it looks more of a move to judge the interest as they have launched a waitlist, but still impressive to see possible alternatives are popping up.

So you might want to keep an eye on the product and join the waitlist to get more details as soon as they become available.

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