Einsteinium hard fork: Still waiting for Poloniex to apply Wormhole removal, coin supply code

10/17/2017 - 22:12 UTC
Einsteinium: Still waiting for Poloniex to apply Wormhole removal code

One month after Einsteinium developers announced they would hard-fork to remove the ‘Wormhole’ feature from their coin and reduce the total supply by 55075320 coins, Poloniex still has not answered about what they will do with the new code sent to them.

A wormhole in Einsteinium is a random event during each epoch, which lasts for 180 blocks. During that period miners get a non-standard reward of 2970 EMC2 per block. The feature was a reward mechanism for long-term miners.

The Wormhole was a useful feature that, according to Einsteinium Foundation, created volatility on the market and kept the volume and interest of the community. However it brought abuse. Therefore the developers decided it was time for a hard fork to get rid of it.

Initially, the hard fork was scheduled for October 6. Bittrex had already confirmed the code update and the developers were waiting for a response from Poloniex. But on October 3, the project announced that the hard fork was rescheduled to insure network security and exchange synchronicity. At the moment, the hard fork target is block 1640530 which will occur on October 25th.

On a reminder tweet on October 2017, the Einsteinium Foundation revealed that they still waiting for a reply from Poloniex.


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