Who Is Bloq

Bloq is a company that delivers enterprise-grade blockchain technology to leading companies worldwide.

They provide three solutions as of writing:
A software solution, which has five key offerings that enable users to create, test, update, customize and analyze their public, private and permission blockchains.

A consulting service which complements BloqEnterprise with strategic architecting, design, development and education.

A blockchain technology research and testing center formed to work with and foster innovation between global businesses and the open source community.

It has partnerships with Delloite, Microsoft, Bitpay, and others.

Founders of the company are Jeff Garzik, Matthew Roszak, and Don Tapscott, while the Board of Advisors has prestigious cryptocurrency members such as Nick Szabo and Gavin Andresen.
Headquarters are based in Chicago, Atlanta, and Shangai.