Zerium: First-Ever Multi-Blockchain Dapp Platform Called An "Ethereum Killer"

South America-based blockchain startup announces Zerium Application Environment, the first multi-language smart contract platform that can be used for free

Miami, FL – Dec 29, 2017 – – Apolo Blockchain Tecnologies, a global decentralised startup with offices in South America and Miami, today announced the completion of the first major milestone in the development of the now six-month-old Zerium project.

"It is incredibly rewarding to bootstrap a project that started as nothing more than a small idea shared in a few words between colleagues," said Carlos Reglero, CEO. "I am talking about a totally new platform to deploy smart contracts and Dapps, but we are raising the stakes in many ways." The milestone marks a first in the blockchain industry, as Zerium addresses many of the technical deficiencies of legacy chains. Zerium is a unique multi-blockchain that improves on speed, scalability, and security, and will be the backbone of the IO Smart Wallet and the Zerium Application Environment, what some in the industry are already calling an “Ethereum Killer.”

"It’s a gamechanger because developers don’t need to learn a new language to use it. Anyone can build a Dapp or smart contract on Zerium," said Hugo Teijiz, CTO. "And although Ethereum is an excellent platform, Zerium avoids its mistakes. Our binary blockchain solves network congestion, thanks to the intelligence agent that scales the blocks." True innovation for DApps

The Zerium Application Environment is a decentralized virtual machine for building DApps and smart contracts. It’s advantages over other platforms include:

  • Programming language agnostic: develop DApps and contracts almost any programming language
  • Zero gas fees: users given access to the developers kit and can test and deploy for free

The IO Smart Wallet, the project’s multi-token smart wallet that can settle bitcoin payments with a combination of any coin in the wallet, will soon follow.

The public ICO and IBO for Zerium is expected to be announced in the coming days.

About Apolo Blockchain Technologies, LLC

Apolo Blockchain Technologies, LLC is a global decentralized blockchain startup with offices in Miami and South America. The 10-person team is led by Carlos Reglero, CEO, and Hugo Teijiz, CTO. To learn more about the Zerium project, please visit www.zerium.org

Apolo Blockchain Technologies

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