Who Is Blockstream

Blockstream logo

Blockstream is a blockchain technology company co-founded by Adam Back, Gregory Maxwell, Austin Hill and others, and led by Adam Back and Gregory Maxwell.

It is focused on developing bitcoin applications, specifically sidechains such as Liquid sidechain, as well as other applications such as the Blockstream Satellite.

Blockstream has raised $76M to date from investors including Horizons Ventures and Mosaic Ventures.

Blockstream is one of a number of institutions that provide funding for the development of Bitcoin Core, the predominant network client software. It employs several prominent bitcoin developers, including Adam Back (President), Gregory Maxwell (CTO) Mark Friedenbach (Co-founder), Pieter Wuille (Bitcoin Core developer), Samson Mow (CSO), and Christopher Allen (co-author of IETF Transport Layer Security).

Blockstream participates in Hyperledger as a general member.