Parity Hack Aftermath: Ethereum Users Oppose Yet Another Hard Fork

11/07/2017 - 16:36 UTC
Parity Hack Aftermath: Ethereum Users Oppose Yet Another Hard Fork

As the astonishing news about the hack in Parity, which allowed $150 million to vanish, travel around the globe, the discussion whether to fork or not to unblock the funds already begun.

As reported earlier, the second most popular Ethereum client, Parity, has been exploited and 500.000 Ethereum has vanished into thin air.  Parity has issued an official alert on the matter.

At the moment of writing, it seems that the user who hacked the smart contract claims did that by mistake.

In Ethereum's discussion forum, there are already users voicing their concerns about the hack and its implications. Many of them contemplate whether an Ethereum hard fork is needed or not.

For instance, a user states:

I'm absolutely impacted by the Parity hack through the Polkadot loss of funds, however I refuse another hard fork. We all need to voice this quickly so the integrity of the community remains strong.

I expect the Polkadot team to deliver, just like Swarm have promised to deliver regardless of the loss of funds.

Reputation is everything. I'm disappointed by the security oversight that led to this but I still believe Gavin will make this right.

Other users support a code change to retrieve the ether as long it is a planned hard fork and has consensus.

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