Amazon To Announce Bitcoin As Payment Option Soon?

10/25/2017 - 14:49 UTC
Amazon To Announce Bitcoin As Payment Option On October 26?

The rumors are not new, but in recent weeks they are increasing: Amazon appears ready to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. If the story becomes a reality, it would be a huge milestone for the cryptocurrency. tries to gather the various pieces for you. Digest with caution.

In the latest episode of the ongoing Amazon-Bitcoin rumor saga, the German newspaper Die Welt reports that Silicon Valley sources are adamant; Amazon will soon announce Bitcoin integration to its assortment of payment options. Last month, the investor James Altucher had made similar comments in his "Altucher Report."

Die Welt reports pretty much what Altucher predicted one month ago, that Amazon might make the announcement on a conference call scheduled for the coming Thursday, October 26. If that happens, it will be the first time a global retailer of that size accepts cryptocurrency as a means of payment. And it will have a profound impact on Bitcoin value. Alas, the speculation alone might already affect the cryptocurrency price. Thus the bitcoin boom during last month might have a much different explanation (than hard forks, split coins, etc.).

If Amazon embraces Bitcoin: it will have a profound impact on the cryptocurrency value

According to Die Welt, sources in Silicon Valley now support Altucher's claim. The Bitcoin integration is imminent; those sources insist even though Amazon might not make the official announcement on October 26.

Die Welt did ask Amazon to comment on these rumors. Amazon replied with its usual generic position it makes announcements only when new products or services are deemed usable for Amazon customers and the company itself.

Die Welt's article ends with a spokesperson from Bitcoin Germany, Oliver Flaskämper, who sees "no reason why Amazon should not allow Bitcoins as a means of payment."



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