Charlie Lee Attacks Segwit2X Supporters – Predicts Litecoin Pump After Hard Fork

11/06/2017 - 08:49 UTC
Charlie Lee Attacks Segwit2X Supporters – Predicts Litecoin Pump After Hard Fork

It’s only ten days left before the Bitcoin experiences the controversial Segwit2X upgrade, and Bitcoin community divide seems irreversible. Litecoin’s founder Charlie Lee remains openly against it while betting that Litecoin will be pumped after bitcoin’s hard fork.

On November 16, 2017, a new hard fork called Segwit2X will take place in the Bitcoin network. Unfortunately, Segwit2X has not reached a clear consensus among all miners, developers and economic community, which means that this hard fork will probably result in a permanent chain split. In simple words, there will be two cryptocurrencies after November 16, each one fighting to be called “Bitcoin”.

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As it happens in such polarized situations, people from either side have extreme views and tend to believe the other side as wholly incorrect.

This is what happens with Litecoin’s creator, Charlie Lee. Lee is the lead developer of the Litecoin cryptocurrency, which itself is a direct fork of Bitcoin with a different hashing algorithm. Although not directly involved in Bitcoin development, Lee has repeatedly rejected in public the upcoming hard fork of Bitcoin. He also relentlessly attacks Segwit2X developers as well as past bitcoin developers as "trying to steal the bitcoin brand".

Recently, Lee described Segwit2X supporters as people “splitting the community and making Bitcoin less censorship resistance”.

Lee believes that Segwit2x is a 51% attack on Bitcoin and he says so:

And again, although this time betting that, Bitcoin will lose the crypto throne if Segwit2X kills the current chain:

Charlie Lee does not hesitate to attack S2X supporters even if they are, literally, his family. On November 1, Charlie charged at his brother and CEO of Hong-Kong-based exchange, wallet and mining pool BTCC, Bobby Lee, who apparently is on the “other side”. BTCC decided to follow the chain with the most accumulated difficulty, and Bobby Lee commented on Reddit that post-fork the current bitcoin will be an altcoin.

That made Charlie call his brother intentions as “extremely lame” move:

But Charlie Lee is certain that the Segwit2X hard fork/upgrade will fail in the end. He has repeatedly said that on various occasions, and he believes his brother, Bobby, will learn an expensive lesson:

On November 5, Charlie Lee in an extraordinary tweet wrote that after the hard fork, bitcoins would flow back to Litecoin and other altcoins raising their price. But, he continued, he will hold BTC to capitalize on the upcoming air-drop:

So, what do you think about Charlie Lee and his views on Segwit2X? Is he right? Or is he wrong?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies or finance in general.