Charlie Lee: Former Bitcoin devs tried to steal the Bitcoin brand

10/15/2017 - 22:01 UTC
These developers have tried to steal the Bitcoin brand, says Charlie Lee

Litecoin's founder and lead developer Charlie Lee, keeps no secret that he strongly opposes the upcoming Segwit2X hard fork of Bitcoin. This time, the Lee charged against prominent Bitcoin developers accusing them that they tried to steal the Bitcoin brand.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, Lee named past notable Bitcoin devs, such as Mike Hearn (author of Bitcoinj and former Bitcoin Core contributor), Gavin Andresen (former Bitcoin Core lead developer), and Jeff Garzik (Bloq co-founder and now Segwit2x lead) that they all attempted to steal Bitcoin brand. How? By starting competing Bitcoin client implementations (such as Bitcoin XT and now 2X).

At the time of writing this, the tweet by @SatoshiLite (Lee's twitter account name) had 60 comments, 141 retweets, and 422 likes. A lot of the commenters expressed their alignment with Lee's unfavorable opinion of former Bitcoin developers, while others were critical. One of the counter-arguments was that Bitcoin is "nobody's brand" thus Lee's name calling is "toxic [bitcoin] core rhetoric." Others stressed the fact that Litecoin is yet another bitcoin fork thus one can accuse Lee himself that he had also tried "to steal part of the bitcoin brand" by creating a competing implementation.

Earlier, Charlie Lee pledged to donate 250 BTC to the Litecoin Foundation if the Segwite2X Fork happens on Bitcoin Blockchain. These 250 BTC will be traded for B2X coins between Lee and Roger Ver. Ver will send his BTC to Lee and vice versa.