Nicehash Will Pay Back Everyone Affected From The 60mln Hack

12/20/2017 - 20:51 UTC
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Just in and officially confirmed, Nicehash will be paying all outstanding Bitcoins at the time of the hack, back to its owners to the last penny by 31 January 2018.

Also, the Nicehash mining service will be back online today December 20, 2017, until 24.00 CET

Update: Nicehash Is Back Online, Issues Security Warning

The company, has started emailing all affected parties, and the messages are slowly arriving - the user count is numbered in the hundreds of thousands - to users as of this evening.

According to Andrej Skraba CMO @ NiceHash post on Reddit, buyers and sellers of hashing power are going to be paid entirely in Bitcoin.

The email that is being sent to users :

Dear NiceHash customer,

We are reaching out to you as one of our buyers at NiceHash. You will be well aware by now that on Wednesday 6 December, our security system was breached in a sophisticated attack. As a result, our payment system was compromised and the entire contents of the NiceHash bitcoin wallet were stolen – around 4,700 BTC.

Despite the unfortunate event, we are letting you know that our service will be resumed today and your money will be paid back!

Please be aware that when we resume the service, it will be apparent that your wallet has 0 value as a result of the hack, although you will also see your old balance on the new dashboard.

We are happy to announce we have been able to reserve the funds required to restore balances from a group of international investors. Old balances will therefore be restored by January 31, 2018. We need this interim period to ensure all legal paperwork is processed correctly, so please be patient while we do this.

Our entire community is important to us, but as one of our buyers, you are even more so. You have invested with us – not only your money, but your trust as well. As we said immediately following the hack, we would simply not exist without our devoted buyers and miners around the world.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience that the hack may have caused. We hope you will want to continue to invest your money and your faith in the world’s largest crypto-mining marketplace.

We would like to reiterate our thanks to you and hope that you will be back on the site shortly.

With best wishes!

Andrej Skraba CMO @ NiceHash

The email seems to adress only sellers for the time being, but the CMO has confirmed in reddit that all funds - including sellers - will be settled in about a months time.

Nicehash will be paying back stolen user funds from hack official confirmation


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