Nicehash Is Back Online, Issues Security Warning

12/21/2017 - 07:28 UTC
Nicehash Is Back Online, Issues Security Warning

NiceHash, the biggest multi-algo mining pool and marketplace in the cryptocurrency industry, has come back online warning users to update their accounts for security reasons.

The service came back online, after the significant security breach on December 12, when more than 4,000 bitcoins were stolen as reported by 

Initially, the bitcoins seemed gone for good as Nicehash was investigating the issue and remain silent as to whether it could ever repay them to users, miners and buyers alike. 

But yesterday Nicehash surprised everyone confirming that it will be paying all outstanding bitcoins at the time of the hack, back to its owners to the last penny by January 31, 2018.

Both developments are very much welcomed of course, as the service provided by Nicehash, renting and buying hashrate at the buyers will, is still in high demand from users as evident on all the social media platforms.

Nicehash Warning

At the same time, Nicehash gave some heads-up to users to update their security settings. The service asked users to: 

  • Set a new password - 
  • Set a new 2FA - 
  • Do not use their old deposit address - 
  • Generate a new NiceHash wallet address - 
  • Update their NiceHash wallet address in NiceHash miner
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